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Since 1999, Infinite Fitness has been providing the residents of the GTA with the most committed and effective personal fitness service available. By combining science and experience, we have been able to make drastic improvements in our clients’ health and fitness while minimizing the impact on their daily lifestyle. Specializing in bodyweight training, exceptional strength and conditioning is achievable in the comfort of home, with no equipment necessary.

We proudly service a large section of the GTA, and have recently added Clarington to our service area. If you live within our service area, we would like nothing more than to stop by and help you get started on your path to optimal health and fitness. Special arrangements can be made for those living outside of our service area.

Program design is not only our specialty, but also one of the most important aspects in attaining improved health and fitness. Whether you work out at home or at the gym, take advantage of our custom tailored programs and we’ll show you the safest, fastest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals. For those interested in a little extra push, our personal training service is second to none. Whether it’s just to get you started or to keep you motivated over the years, we’ll ensure you receive the essential information and support necessary to reach each and every goal.

Mission Statement:

Infinite Fitness exists for the purpose of enabling motivated individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Infinite Fitness seeks to accomplish this by providing the knowledge infrastructure and personal support system necessary for success.
Our goal is to help people understand and experience the benefits of healthy living.


Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 8.45.31 AMChad Barltrop
Health & Fitness Coach / Founder

Having administered over 20 000 workouts in his 14 years as a professional trainer, Chad has quickly become one of the most experienced trainers in the health and fitness industry.

A graduate of Queen’s University, his degrees in both Physical and Health Education along with Mathematics, have laid the groundwork for his comprehensive understanding of body biomechanics and his ability to develop highly effective, innovative workout programs.

Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Chad’s constant search for higher education has lead him to take courses from gross anatomy to muscle activation techniques.

Chad attempts to draw information from as many sources as possible, knowing that a true understanding of the human body requires knowledge from a vast number of disciplines.

Chad’s beliefs are different than most, choosing to allow logic and science to take the place of weights. He trains his clients with the intention of having them learn to be able to control their own bodyweight in a variety of situations.

With the help of a few workout toys, such as bands and balls, Chad teaches his clients that the human body itself is the most challenging and rewarding piece of exercise equipment available.

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 8.45.43 AMKate Barltrop
Health and Fitness Coach / Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist

Kate has been working in the fitness industry since 2001.

She graduated First Class from Brock University with an Honours degree in Physical Education (Kinesiology).

Kate frequently attends fitness conferences and seminars while continuing to expand her certification portfolio.

Recognized by the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) as a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Kate has been training since 2005.

Kate knows that physical fitness should be a vital aspect of everyone’s life. Knowing that it can sometimes be difficult finding the right balance between day-to-day commitments and fitness, Kate works very hard with each of her clients to ensure they are on the right fitness routine for them. She makes sure that the fitness plan will fit into her clients’ daily lives while achieving the results they are looking for.

Kate believes that building a strong; trusting relationship with her clients will promote a workout environment that is safe and supportive. She believes this environment is essential for the well-being of her clients. Kate believes in a balanced workout approach to meet her client’s needs.

Incorporating body weight exercises, cardiovascular training, pilates technique and weight training, she strives to make workouts interesting and enjoyable for her clients.