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Our BUILT2LAST athletic training programs are a fun and creative approach to improving athletic abilities in children.

With the competitive nature of youth athletics, more and more parents are enrolling their children into athletic training programs. Not only that, they are doing so at an earlier age than ever before. While athletic training for kids is important for athletic performance, it is essential that your young athlete be in a safe environment with coaches and staff that are knowledgeable with regards to the limitations of a developing body, and who can design a program based on your child’s specific age, size, and skill level. Children need to participate in a program that offers activities that will enhance their performance by focusing on proper mechanics, body awareness, and fun!

Children will benefit from a training program in many different ways. Some of those benefits include; increased self-­‐esteem, improved academic performance and a decreased risk of depression and anxiety. Not to mention the improvement in athletic performance and the decrease in injury potential. A few of the athletic performance benefits are; improvements in balance and coordination, proper muscular recruitment and function, as well as increased speed, stamina and agility. So what exactly is an athletic training program? An athletic training program is a fun, creative and effective approach to improving athletic abilities. The goal is to ensure that kids are having an enjoyable experience while learning new skills. Our program breaks fundamentals down into eight components that are essential for success in any sport. We incorporate each of these components into our athletic training programs.

The components are:

1. Range of Motion
2. Stamina
3. Coordination
4. Balance
5. Speed
6. Strength
7. Agility
8. Power (more important as kids get older)

We are very excited to be bringing our BUILT2LAST training camps to the Clarington area. BUILT2LAST is a youth strength and conditioning series designed to help young athletes compete at and endure elite athletics.

Please contact infinite fitness for more information and to register your child for one of our classes.