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Thank you for being so supportive and patient through all my goals this year. You’re so good at what you do and very good to me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Jordin Boniferro – Infinite Fitness client since 2005

With genuine interest, expert knowledge and guidance, and contagious enthusiasm, Kate provides invaluable support for my journey toward optimum health and fitness.

June Fox-Casey – Infinite Fitness client since 2004

I have worked with Chad since December 2000 with the focus on overall body fitness. Chad’s commitment to continuous improvement in his knowledge of evolving training regimens has kept the sessions always challenging and interesting. Over the years of working with Chad, many of the new training techniques that he introduced his 8-week “quad” cardio workout which is the perfect program for me and has quickly shown results.

Russ – Infinite Fitness client since 2000

Infinite Fitness cares about more than just inches and pounds. Taking into consideration my likes and dislikes, Kate made a personal program to help me reach my goals. At the end of the 8-week program I was able to run a personal best in a 5 km race for breast cancer. Thanks to Kate, I have reinvented my body, raised money for a great cause and had fun along the way.

Carolynn Darrell – Infinite Fitness client since November 2004

Kate Barltrop has done wonders for my life as a whole! I am an extremely busy realtor that refuses to take time for myself especially when it comes to leading an active lifestyle. By utilizing Kate’s service she has provided not only physical attributes but balance in my life. Infinite Fitness looks at the big picture; it’s more than just losing a few inches off your waist line. Their expertise in exercise and nutrition helped me gain focus on what’s important in life all while keeping my training sessions fun and exciting. Thanks Kate of a job well done!

Michelle – Infinite Fitness client since February 2007

I have training with Chad for over 6 years now and have benefited from his talent and skill set. The results of my training with Chad have been significant in both physical improvement and weight loss, as well as, improved mental health and invreased energy levels. Chad is able to adapt his personal training sessions with you taking into consideration your energy levels on any given day or physical ailments, all the time keeping focused on a goal of constant improvement. Training with Chad has led to an improved lifestyle, including healthy realistic dietary choices, sleeping patterns and other physical activity. Chad provides individual workouts for every session which he has personally designed taking into consideration your own personal targets and capabilities. Chad becomes personally interested in your success and is prepared to invest the time to motivate you and to assist you in achieving your goals. Most importantly, at the end of any given day, no matter how tired you are or how distracted you may be from life’s regular nuisances, a session with Chad leaves you feeling invigorated, energized and positive.

Paul Boniferro – Infinite Fitness client since February 2001