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Bodyw8 training camps are high intensity, professionally designed training programs.

By combining interval, functional and bodyweight training into one complete program, bodyw8 training camps are virtually guaranteed to deliver results!

Bodyw8 training camps incorporate exercises designed to improve Balance, Stability, Active Range of Motion, Posture, Coordination, Core Strength, Cardiovascular Capacity and Functional Total Body Strength.

They truly are fully comprehensive, performance enhancing and sweat inducing training programs.

Although primarily used by runners as a means of incorporating cross training into their training schedules, our program is beneficial for anyone, at any level, who’s intention is to improve their overall level of personal performance.

Why It Works

Simply put, our training program is designed to avoid the dreaded plateau.

Your fitness level will be continuously improving and if your training program doesn’t evolve to ensure you are always being challenged, your results won’t match your efforts.

Bodyw8™ bootcamp is specifically designed to evolve over the course of the training season. The workouts will continue to build on each other from week to week. Your perpetual improvements in overall fitness will be in direct correlation to the steady increase in the intensity of the individual workouts.

Having said that, bodyw8™ bootcamp has been designed to get the most out of each individual, regardless of fitness level, at any point in the season.

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